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Indoctrination camps,

The killers of knowledge,

The morgues of dreams.

Where did go your imagination?

Dear child,

Sit up straight.

Dear child,

Stop moving.

Dear child,

Raise that hand.

Dear child,



Do not ask questions.


Stay on task.


Picture not the butterfly,

See not the weaving spider,

Find beauty in the indoors rather than beyond.

Pay attention,

Little young sprout.

Conform your mind,

Repeat your instructions,

Do your work,

And share no answers.

Ask not about money,

Ask not about reality,

Think not about the world,

Ponder no system,

Believe our lies.

Do as you are told,

And we will listen,

Never move,

Just behave.

Single file must be the line,

Curb all independence,

Admit you are wrong,

Out the womb you were born free,

But here,

You will be fixed.

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