War Mice (Island Mice Series Book 1) (Ebook Edition)

“In war…death is what always happens.”

Private Eaton’s words echo in his own haunted mind. Plagued by the memories of previous tours and dead friends, he strides, eyes closed and unwilling, back onto the battlefield — this time, on a rescue mission. Assault rifle in paw, he is pressured to hold the line for himself and fellow comrades. Facing barrel up, the small albino rodent aims with hope at the enemies of all mice-kind.

Bullet fire kicks off a story of tiny valiant hearts and one platoon’s journey to brave the deadly dangers for the sake of one bird. On the field, nothing is certain, and everything sudden. Despite the horror of blood and loss, heroes struggle to outlive fate while enemies stalk their shadows. At the climax of his life, one mouse dares to escape the terrors of the battlefield, but will his path be sound or his head crushed beneath the jaws of destiny?


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