The Embodiment of Irrationality (Ebook Edition)

“In love, only those that try are rewarded.”

Unnaturally inhibited, Mike is a lovestruck loser. He spends his days conjuring fantasies about his beautiful coworker, Amy, and works obscurely behind his cubicle’s high square walls.

As their lives slowly merge, and Mike makes new discoveries, doors open and opportunities arise to make her look his way. But will Amy come to appreciate Mike for who he is? Or will she still struggle to remember his name?

A comical office romance and modern parody to The Sorrows of Young Werther by Johann von Goethe—THE EMBODIMENT OF IRRATIONALITY is a revelation of love’s disappointments and the nail-biting thrill and obsession that entangles infatuation. Reality is an unwelcome guest in a story that roots for the underdog.

D.J. Hoskins is a military veteran and author of seven books and three continuous series. Experience the sweet awkward romance for yourself.


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