Paralysis (Dark Light Series Book 2) (Ebook Edition)

Having great power makes any mage a prime target.”

Alex is beaten. Melissa is ambushed. Where do they go from here? Don’t let go. They aren’t ready.

Alex is a coward and ignorance is all he knows. On him, Kaiga does not hold back. Information floods him and his mind is pressed for answers, does he have the one they seek? Or will he be deemed worthless?

Sheltered in a world that only knows restriction, Melissa has battles brought to her. Victashia has been waiting. It has been a hundred years since Kaiga has launched full war and their enemy is in no mood to let their prime weapon mature. Seemingly assaulted out of nowhere by a full-fledged adversary, Melissa is brought to face a test of her abilities. 

Will she live, or will she fall?

In the anticipated sequel to Paragon, the plot heats up in a nonstop rush of action. Paralysis is the fast-paced continuation of an intricate storyline. Fantastic detail is interwoven with the magical mystery of an expanding world. As the wider scope deepens conflict ignites into a turn pager that doesn’t stop once it really begins.

D.J. Hoskins is a military veteran and author of seven books and three continuous series. Dive to the sci-fi action series for yourself.


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