Paragon (Dark Light Series Book 1) (Ebook Edition)

“Before there can be peace, there must first be war.”

Welcome to the dictatorship.

The victim of a motorcycle accident, Alex is spit out into a parallel universe. One similar to our own, but nowhere near the same. His welcome comes with a beating. And his host? A totalitarian government.

Genetic breeding brought Melissa into the world. Engineered from the DNA of a powerful mage, she is without peer. It’s what makes her dangerous. She is a tool that needs to be controlled. Her existence threatens full-scale war, and while the world hangs in the balance, she longs for freedom.

A jilting introduction to a dark saga, Paragon draws readers in. Tantalizing and unpredictable, the story shrouds mystery around two protagonists whose hidden depths are more arcane than first glance. Fantasy merges with science fiction in a magical futuristic world conjured from pure imagination.

Richly innovative with turn paging suspense, this action-packed military sci-fi series by multi-genre author D.J. Hoskins is a futuristic adventure waiting to be explored. 


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