Panic (Dark Light Series Book 3) (Ebook Edition)

“Chaos to chaos, and peace to peace. To think this is the end, you must first remember your beginning.”

Alex thinks he’s made it. Melissa hopes she’s safe. They will not find rest. Watch closely. The end has yet to come.

On a jet, Alex has passed his trial. What awaits is Corpus, an academy that will guide him on the road to self-discovery. The only Oddity to appear in decades, his merit is expected, but an attack is not.

Melissa returns to shelter, having survived her ordeal with Shadow’s help, yet still, she is not respected. Manipulated by cunning hands, she sits and waves when told. Silent in the midst of false salutes, she is dejected before an Oddity whose existence is more strange than hers as he walks out on the stage. Her hope that is more thin than paper is ripped apart by an unseen hand.

The third sequel in the Dark Light Series quartet, Panic delivers a jarring continuation. Defying reader expectations with an unpredictable storyline, violence becomes introspective and characters question their inner selves in a plot that takes a reminiscent look at how life’s challenges shape what it means to be human.

Cunning and rich with unseen surprises, this fast-paced military sci-fi series by multi-genre author D.J. Hoskins is an unpredictable adventure that keeps you on the edge of your seat.


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