My Life as Death (Ebook Edition)

“Life and death are entwined, one can not be without the other.”

Partners of deliverance, Life, and Death walk the physical plane. Their purpose? To explain to the newly dead, why they’ve died. Upset, distraught, or resigned, the spirits in limbo must come to terms with the strange reality they now face, as they transition to the afterlife. But not all will come willingly. Nor will Death to his own reality as Life forces him to face what it really means to live.

My Life as Death is a paranormal novella with an inquisitive look at the meaning of life and death by characters who are both the representatives and embodiment of both. A composition of stories on death, the simplest and most feared fact that comes for us at the end of our lives.

D.J. Hoskins is a military veteran and author of seven books and three continuous series. Delve into the enigmatic paranormal horror for yourself.


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