Draconian (Crown of Dust Series, Book 1) (Ebook Edition)

A fallen dynasty. Hunted royals. How far can they go? There is nowhere to hide.

Born of a rogue prince, Marina and Arcos have always been outcasts. Illegitimate royalty, they have never seen a palace. When their family’s dynasty is overthrown in a coup defat, they are summoned to the capital by the new regime. Only their welcome is sure to be death.

Being born was their crime.

Emotional and poignant, Draconian is the tragic beginning of a four-book saga told from a young girl’s eyes. A narrative that rises steadily from mellow drama to fast paced-action on stage based on political collusion its unpredictable prose will keep readers on their toes. As heartfelt as it is somber, its wide plot gives life to a fictional tale that is daring and beautiful. Where there is darkness, there is light, and with rough beginnings comes the making of an even stronger heroine.

Magically suspenseful, the historical fantasy is a fiery beginning to a new series by multi-genre author D.J. Hoskins. Enter a daring world of politics and majesty.


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