Don't Stress,
Discovering books will be easy

Reading something unique is like finding a needle in a haystack. Many books follow old trends, but we create our own with original stories so you can lean back with great novels.

We are Davena and Jason Hoskins, two siblings and authors that write together under the pen name D.J. Hoskins. With almost ten years of writing experience, nothing excites us more than to put trailblazing books in your hands. 

No matter what kind of reader you are—we’re sure you’ll love a trailblazer. Our books span across a variety of genres to provide you with a great selection. 

Long books can are great until they are boring. Trailblazers aren’t. A trailblazer focuses on quality over quantity. While the first book of a trailblazing series is short, each sequel thereafter only grows longer. 

If you are interested in reading a sample of a trailblazing book: CLICK HERE. See for yourself why it stands out.

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