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The Dark Light series is about two opposing teenagers from parallel worlds—Melissa, a genetic clone with magic powers and Alex, a privileged delinquent who violently travels universes.

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Open a fast-paced series with high octane mage battles, nail biting twists and deeply developed characters with many shades of gray.

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In a series where war breaks out between two great nations, what side will you choose? The highly technological Federation of Kaiga or magically blessed and devoutly religious Hierocracy of Victashia? Both countries have a reason to fight, but only one will seem right to you. Start reading the first book to find out why.

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This story roars out of the first sentence like a controlled explosion. This is book two in the series closely following the book Paragon’s ending. The further development of the characters fills them out is as needed. The world building is first rate and fills the needs of the book. But it does all this while telling a story that gets more engrossing by the page. Needless to say I enjoyed this book very much. I recommend this book unequivocally. I do recommend you read Paragon (the first book in the series) it’s a great read too.
Amazon Reviewer of Paralysis (Book 2)
I think it would be helpful for readers to think of these books not as semi-autonomous installments in a series, but as "Part One, Part Two," etc. in the same big book—rather like the Lord of the Rings trilogy was originally conceived. The story arc and character development has to be seen as a whole, over the whole series
E. Roshan
Goodreads Reviewer of Paralysis (Book 2)
I don’t know where to begin! This book keeps you on the edge of your seat! Is Melissa and Alex good or bad? Sometimes you wonder if the nation of Kaiga is worth fighting for because of the inequality and the total disregard for life. Cannot wait to read the next book. It gives you a heart pounding read! Wow!! I absolutely loved this book. This series in general is amazing. Melissa and Alex bring a lot to it. You won’t be disappointed if you read this!!
Amazon Reviewer for Panic (Book 3)

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Somewhere on the Western Border

— Miron Province

Time of Day: Evening

“Fox One,” Colonel Thompson said and swallowed. His fingers tightened on the radio. “Mission is a go.”

“Copy.” Major Avarice pressed his display. Tapping in a code, he paused. A bead of sweat rolled across his brow and dropped onto sealed rubber. Within the gas mask, he licked his lips. The jet shuddered. His body jerked forward and black straps tightened against his jump suit. 
Mechanisms turned beneath—the automated gearshift activated and cogs churned. Turbo emissions blew through jet-pipes in a black propulsion. Head snapped back, the Major’s chest rose as oxygen pumped from his mask into his lungs; under several pounds of gravitational pressure, he couldn’t breathe on his own. Dark plumes shot out into open air, guzzled from tripled turbines. The aircraft’s reinforced frame reverberated under the strain.

Avarice gasped. White eyes slowly turned bloodshot as blood slid in a trickle from his nose. He blinked and his vision wavered despite the flooded oxygen. The strain of g-forces shifted puffed clouds to a streamed blur in open sky. A slit widened beneath the jet and retracting from the aircraft, the missile bay of the R1 Reaper detached its anti-grav catch…