About Us

Two authors. One Name.

D.J. Hoskins is pseudonym for the siblings Davena and Jason.

Three years apart and in our twenties, we’ve co-authored eight books and counting over the span of nearly ten years. We love to write and are dedicated to it. 

Former military veterans and current college students, we write in our spare time between the demands of homework and exams. 

From military sci-fi to contemporary romance, philosophical horror and even chess endgame theory, we write across a broad span of genres. Our goal is to enjoy the process and allow ourselves the freedom of expression through creativity.

With our fiction, we aim to immerse readers into a visual and imaginative literary experience with words. 

We write with the resolve to resonate with the human experience and hope that our books may click with you.

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Our story

Our Story

Jason and Davena were born in the United States and raised in New Mexico. They currently live in Idaho and have written six books.

Jason Hoskins

Jason is the oldest.

Following his decision to be an author, he joined the U.S. Military. 

Growing up, Jason was not much of a reader, however, his initial draft of Paragon served as the catalyst that established the D.J. Hoskins pen-name. 

Jason continues to create the foundation of all D.J. Hoskins novels. Referred to as the “plot master” by his sister, he attributes his creativity to his exposure of Japanese anime from a young age. He is most influenced by the Naruto series of Masashi Kishimoto.

Davena Hoskins

Davena is the youngest.

She graduated early from high school to become an author. She is a Military Veteran and college student.

Davena has always loved stories and enjoyed reading from an early age. She began to write at thirteen to overcome the loss of quitting gymnastics.

Davena plays a pivotal role in the developmental and editing process of D.J. Hoskins’ books. Her additional efforts in design and marketing have helped their books to successfully reach readers.