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Win at Chess

Are you looking to improve your chess game? We’ve got it. Explore 4 chess books specializing in end game theory to improve your skills.

Be Romantic with Poetry

If you’re interested in reading a bit of poetry for a romantic evening, we have 6 books to pick from with a hundred poems each.

Dive into Battle with a Sci-fi Fantasy Book

Are you an action and adventure reader? Try our fiction. We write fast-paced books packed with action and unique storylines.

We know what it feels like to be frustrated with a bad book.

That is why we’re dedicated to writing quality. After 10 years of writing to perfect our craft, we know what works and doesn’t for books and stories. As the author of 26 books and counting, we are devoted to making your literary experience one of a kind. Let us be an author you stick with for a lifetime.

Who we are - D.J. Hoskins

We are Davena and Jason Hoskins, co-authors and siblings who write under the pen-name D.J. Hoskins. Three years apart and in our twenties, we have been fascinated by stories from a young age. Our wide-ranging interests have led us to write across 13 genres resulting in over 25 books published today. 

Davena Hoskins, the younger sister, is an undergraduate at Princeton University.

We look forward to continue writing for you, the reader, in all our future books. Your enjoyment while reading is our highest priority. 

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